Montessori Programs for Toddlers & 21st Century Alternative Education!

Admissions closing soon for 2017-18!


IITians Redefining Education at La Wisdom, Bangalore! We all are born intelligent, we just have different capacities, learning styles and unique pace of learning.
Human beings are born with seeds of goodness, if environment allows them to develop freely, will connect to everything with natural care for the world around.
Learner is orderly and naturally disciplined when its inner needs are met in an orderly environment. A noisy disturbing learner is symptom of unmet needs and frustration.
Education in essence is all about, discovering what you love to do, and have all the skills to do it best, and the guts to follow it through your lifetime.

We are not a school but platform for Holistic Education!

La Wisdom Alternative Education

We are not a school but platform for Holistic ducation!

This esteemed La Wisdom educational venture was born, when a few concerned parents and educationists came together. Being fed up with the conventional factory kind of education, we decided to redefine education for our children and for the world at large. We promote holistic education, where learning about culture, relationships, core skills and knowledge happens through integrated experiences, in affectionate environment with kind facilitators.


Here all are encouraged to think critically, creatively and independently to achieve academic and personal goals; to celebrate his or her cultural roots while embracing a global perspective.

Who should enrol? 

Children in age group 2 – 12: 

  • Whose parents, want to ensure happy childhood and joyful learning experience.
  • Who are searching for a more personalized, alternative education experience!
  • Gifted Students, wanting accelerated coursework or to follow their passion.
  • If you are in frustration with conventional school… the lack of flexibility & care.
  • If you are fed up with stressful unhappy environment or whatever reason. 
  • If you want a smaller, more nurturing environment.


If you want your children to be worldly smart, inwardly rich, happy & balanced, standing tall to everything and all! Then contact us!