Aha! La Wisdom Difference!



Aha! La Wisdom Difference!

We are not a school but platform for Holistic Education!



Nine "No"s of La Wisdom Alternative Education Model-


  1. No Uniform or regimentation
  2. No Homework
  3. No Comparison or Competition 
  4. No Rigid Timings
  5. No Standardized Tests or Exams
  6. No Fear
  7. No Pressure
  8. No Mass Instructions
  9. No limited Curriculum


What We practice:

1. SNOWFLAKES Paradigm

We specialize in delivering individualized and customized education based on learning style, pace and interest of students. For us, our STUDENTS are LIKE SNOWFLAKES, UNIQUE and DIFFERENT. 

2. Engaging Education

At La Wisdom, we keep classroom size small to ensure children are individuals, not numbers. By providing individualized support; engaging education and a warm, trusting environment, every child here can reach his or her greatest potential.  So here we have never a dull moment, no distracted students’ passing notes, doodling or daydreaming. Rather, they are actively engaged and are excited about what they’re learning, as they have chosen it.

3. One to One Learning

Our one-to-one customized education provides students with the best opportunity to maximize their potential inside and outside of the classroom.  The research of University of Chicago’s Dr. Benjamin Bloom proves that learning occurs at a rate of 98% with one-to-one interaction.

4. No Regimentation

No Uniform, no regimentation, no indoctrination... learning thrives here through affectionate, personalized care...fostering self discipline. Our approach to learning is holistic, involving Social, emotional and behavioral development.

5. Extended Home school

Experience of an extended family at school, wherein, academics are taught by expert teachers utilizing Project-based, inquiry-driven and student-centred learning approach.

6. Learning tailored to student’s pace

Teaching is tailored to suit student’s pace, skills, interests, and most importantly, to the rate of progress of each student. Some lessons they do fast, some they take time. 

Scientific and spiritual education based on the latest researches on Child Psychology & pedagogy. We take best from all methods be it Montessori, JK philosophy, Stiener or latest scientific researches.  Learning is augmented using the latest technology. We are truly dynamic, flexible learning centre, we swiftly adjust to the best. We never say, “ It’s not the policy”. We have a year-round, open enrolment policy.

8. Focus on 21st century Educational needs and skills

At La Wisdom, We focus on 21st century educational needs and skills such as-

~Critical thinking and problem solving

~Collaboration and Team Work

~ Creativity & Innovation 


~Initiative and Entrepreneurship

~Agility and Adaptability

 9. Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education, we take everyone along, no one is left behind. Every student has a unique learning style. Our teachers identify the same, and then tailor their instruction around it. This makes us an ideal learning center for those students with learning differences, who may require specialized instruction. We partner with outside therapeutic professionals and programs to support our students emotional health and learning.

10. Developing Excellent Communication & Social Skills: 

Our small, caring environment fosters strong and continuous three-way communication among parents, students, and teachers. Researchers say, students interact much more in small groups helping them to master communication skills. Our nurturing social environment with ample opportunities to do things together creates lasting friendships and bonding.

11. Continuous Assesment:

Continuos assessment is an integral part of our approach, as this helps to address difficulties as and when they are observed. A student/teacher partnership continuously working together to achieve mastery over content and achieve personalized goals.  Parents can ask for a comprehensive report regarding the progress of their child.

12. Nurturing Life Intelligence:

Nature Walks and  dialogues on all aspects, challenges and issues of life, widen horizons of understanding, hence nurturing of the spiritual being. This helps us to build contextual understanding and to have clarity and balanced outlook in life.

13. Collaborative Arts and Music Program:

Our enrichment programs will give students the opportunity to unleash their creativity through fine arts and performing arts, leading to holistic personality development.

14. Round the year Workshops for Parents/students

At La Wisdom, we have round the year learning intervetions for teachers, parents and students. It keeps the vibrant learning environment aflame with wisdom. Anybody can attend these worlkshops and be part of La Wisdom journey.