La Wisdom Quotes!

Let's leave this world more beautiful, intelligent, hence happier then we found it!


Mind that is trying to be silent is still caught in noise of trying!


Schools like La wisdom are the hope for better world!

Researches say in bigger schools, 1 out of every 3 students gets bullied during the school year. Students who experience bullying are at increased risk for depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, and poor school adjustments.


Same-age groups creates enormous pressures on the children and the teacher to expect all to possess the same knowledge and skills. There is a tendency to penalize the children who fail to meet expectations. There is no evidence to show that a group of children who are all within same age can be expected to learn the same things, in the same way, on the same day, at the same time.


Small schools operate more flexibly and more responsively than large schools. Students and teachers in small schools know each other better, leads to a heightened sense of belonging!


At all costs you must LOVE what you do.


Morale among students tends to be higher in small schools. There are fewer students to be leaders in clubs and organizations and to participate in athletics and plays. Hence, students are generally exposed to more opportunity to develop leadership skills in a greater diversity of situations. Often, literally everyone must participate in order to make a project a success. This promotes among students a sense of belonging, of pride in their community, their school, and themselves.