Career Counseling

Match Your Talents, Potentials, Interests to Choose Appropriate Careers

An important part of the growth and development of any student involves decisions about what he or she will do in the years after graduating from school. Based on comprehensive tests of aptitude and information of the prevailing opportunities, counselors help the students to choose courses, set goals and decide on their future vocation.


There is no such thing as an “ideal” career with the best “scope.” We need not get into a course or a job just because everyone else is rushing for it. We assist students choose courses of study and career based on  interest and what they are good at, means  have an aptitude for it.  Aptitude implies the potential to develop the skills that are required in any particular field.

Each career has different aptitude requirements, and only by matching them scientifically we can be sure that we are heading in the right direction.

Our assesment outlines how good one is in fields of interest, and all the possible careers one is likely to do well in. 

Steps for Career counseling Process at La Wisdom!

  • Meet the counselor & take the aptitude tests 
  • Come for the personalized counseling
  • Chalk out follow up program

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