Extended Program for 6+

We are not a school but platform for Holistic Education!

For The parents and students who wish to continue with us for one to one personalized education for their chidren, we prepare them, for IGCSE board exams as private candidates.



Extended Program for 6+

We, at La Wisdom understand the child, the child who has a global outlook of life, who is ready to take that leap into understanding concepts, abstract ideas and social relationships. We call the children of this age group as high fliers, who have understood that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. The focus is on developing the fundamental skills - Explanation, Interpretation, Application, Perspective, Empathy and Self Knowledge.

The emphasis is on Thematic learning across disciplines based on concepts empowers children to think out of the box and about the world in varied practical perspectives. This integrated & collaborative learning helps children find the interrelationship between subjects and therefore look at learning as a means of understanding and exploring the world around them. We interlink Math with Science and History with Geography, so that they study the world and not merely as subjects.

We expose them to various interests, including art and sports, so that they can discover their area of interest and pursue this with passion and vigour. We help them research, record and refresh themselves as they learn.  We offer them continuous feedback on their performance.

Presentation skills and examination skills are an integral part of our educational system and at La Wisdom we offer adequate help to the children to master the required academic skills. But, never for a moment do we forget that, the development of a balanced  personality is the key to a successful life. We are committed to life and learning.

Children of this age group are constantly questioning values, ideas and trying to reason out logically. We place immense importance on this attribute of children and hence our interactions with children are infused with thoughts and discussions that help the teacher and the child to question deeply the ways of the world around them and more importantly those issues which are paramount in the community.

Being in the heart of the city, we are able to attract like minded individuals, parents and volunteers who take time off from their work to be a part of our teaching fraternity and enrich learning.

 Eleven Extracurricular activities of La Wisdom Education Model, that are open to all our our students to participate...These are part of our regular program.

5.Music (Hindustani/Jazz)
9.Short Film Making/Creative Writing Program
10.NGV Sports Program
11. Organic Gardening