La Wisdom Alternative Education Model

We are not a school but platform for Holistic Education!

If you want your children to be worldly smart, inwardly rich, happy & balanced, 
standing tall to everything and all! Then contact us!

La Wisdom runs Montessori Programs for Toddlers to Teenagers in a big spacious bunglaw, in the middle of city, with less then 50 children in mixed age group & about 10 staff members as small community. We prefer all teachers and students walk to the school and some if need or wish can stay long hours. 

Upto 6 years we follow Montessori environment and Philosophy, with an open mind to incorporate, the latest researches in education, modern technology and findings in child psychology. We have mixed age groups through out our educational programs. Knowing well, our students would be retiring around 2075, In one to one personalized care, and holistic educational process we prepare them for 21st century skills, such as Critical thinking & problem solving, Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, Entrepreneurship and Adaptability.


Beyond 6 years presently we have extended homeschool Program leading to IGCSE board exam, as private candidate.

Mixed age groups 6-9 is called as High Fliers & 9-12 as Ambassdors.

Our qualified, trained and certified teachers and volunteer parents bring tremendous richness to the educational inputs.  La Wisdom prefers to work with Teachers and Parents as Patrons and Partners, who:

  • Are fed up with the meaninglessness of conventional education.
  • Give priority to happy childhood and holistic growth & development.
  • Would like their children to discover and do what they love to do.
  • Would like their children to grow up into balanced human beings.
  • Would love their children to have better understanding of relationships and culture.