La Wisdom Pedagogy

 La Wisdom Pedagogy

We are not a school but platform for Holistic Education!

Our curriculum, methodology and materials based on Montessori Philosophy and principles evoke curiosity and enable learning through discovery which is both intriguing and challenging.


In scientifically designed classrooms and mixed age groups, you will find materials created to meet the unique developmental needs of children. Through structure and freedom, guidance and inspiration, our students blossom here.

Every child is unique. This fact is recognized, understood and accepted by all of us at La Wisom. This creates an ambiance of emotional freedom, that allows students to bloom and maximize their full potential.

 The spectrum of learning includes individual, independent work, as well as social & cultural learning.

We promote open ended questioning, that encouraging "how to think", then, what to think.

Each student has a unique daily and weekly schedule, with contents and activities based on his or her interests, strengths, and academic track.

Students at senior levels do research and present their work to share their contributions to the project.

We derive a lot of learning through incorporating Montessori Principles, Method & Philosophy:

Montessori Method  is based on scientific study of how children develop and learn which has been translated into a systematic method of education. It emphasizes rich prepared environment, full of learning material and associated activities. It respects freedom and cares for the student’s point of view. It draws its principles from the natural process of development of the child.

First and foremost it is very scientific, based on study of facts and laws of nature. Classroom is a lab, Child a research scholar and teacher is one who bridges the two. Specialized materials, innovation, exploration, discovery, aha feeling, tangible concrete reality to abstraction is the order of the day.

Secondly it is very spiritual, care respect for each individual child and life. Space to grow unfold and develop in the mixed age community at one’s own pace in one’s own unique way. Timelessness through uninterrupted work cycles. Freedom to pursue as per one’s own interest and be in command of one’s own learning.

Last but not least, outcome is very Holistic. Children graduate as an independent, free, balanced happy inwardly rich individuals. Creative maestros, skilled problem solvers, full of grace beauty and mannerisms. Lovers of learning, Flowering in goodness at all levels.

 7 "P"s of La Wisdom Pedagogy-

*Project based relevant Learning, honing 21st century skills
*Playful Engaging Fun filled learning, which stays forever
*Practical Hands-on learning
*Presentations based learning, honing communication, confidence
*Peer Learning, Study Buddy, honing collaboration
*Play, Role-play Theater based learning, honing creativity
*Pupil based learning, tailored to suit individual needs


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