Our Philosophy

La Wisdom Montessori Programs for Toddlers to Teenagers

Venture by IITians, Concerned Parents & Educators, Inspired by J.Krishnamurti 

Our Philosophy 

Researches show that traditional classrooms and their rigid structure can, in fact, be detrimental to students’ ability to learn, understand the material, and ultimately succeed in life. It rather destroys, them somewhere within and takes toll on self-esteem. We help children to develop fully as not only technologically efficient but also as human beings floweing in goodness.

Our philosophy aims to provide a high quality,a thriving environment of affection, order and freedom without either fear or license, where all feel safe, nurtured and supported. This we ensure through one to, one personalized, tailored to suit learning style, pace and interest of our students.

 Our trained, specialized, affectionate and dedicated teachers provide our students the best opportunity to succeed by delivering the highest quality teaching methods combined with the best technology.  A teachers when knows and understands the students,is quickly aware if challenges arise and moves quickly to resolve any perceived issues.

We take everyone along, in our inclusive and integrated mixed age envirionment we ensure no student is left behind or falls through the cracks.

 More specific goals of the educational philosophy of La Wisdom are:

  • Let our students grow up with inward understanding, with a capacity to explore, to examine his or her inward state and the capacity of going beyond it, but also someone who is good in what he does outwardly. 
  • Not to condition the students in any particular belief, either religious, political or social, so that their minds may remain free to ask fundamental questions, enquire and learn.
  • To bring about a generation of human beings, with a global outlook, love of nature and a concern for mankind,  who are able to meet an increasingly complex world without losing their humanity.